Phillips 66 Savings Plan


Whether you need a little more help planning for retirement or a lot, you can find an advice service suited to your needs.

Like Investing and Online Tools?
If you like to use online tools and resources to help make your own smart choices about retirement planning, Personal Online Advisor might be right for you.

Personal Online Advisor, Powered by Edelman Financial Engines
Take advantage of this free service that forecasts your chances of reaching your retirement goals.

It gives you fund recommendations and helps you monitor your investments.

Want to Consult a Financial Advisor?
If you want to speak to a professional before making important decisions about retirement planning, Vanguard Situational Advisor might be right for you.

Vanguard Situational Advisor
If you are age 50 or older, you can speak with a financial advisor free of charge.

A financial advisor can help you work through your questions about choosing investments, saving for college, and retiring—or create a complimentary Vanguard Financial Plan. If you are under age 50, you can still get a financial plan for a fee based on total assets at Vanguard.

Rather Leave Investing to the Professionals?
If you like to have someone you trust take care of your retirement planning needs, the Vanguard Managed Account Program might be right for you.

Vanguard Managed Account Program, Powered by Edelman Financial Engines
VMAP™ provides ongoing professional management for your investments in the plan. The service will select your funds, invest your money, and periodically make changes to your asset mix to suit your goals.

You’ll pay an annual fee based on your account balance. Look for information in the mail and at work about a fee schedule and free trial offer.

To access these advice tools, simply log in to your account at

Whenever you invest, there's a chance you could lose the money.

Vanguard Situational Advisor, offered as part of Vanguard Personal Advisor Services, are provided by Vanguard Advisers, Inc., a federally registered investment advisor. Eligibility restrictions may apply.

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Neither VAI nor Vanguard Situational Advisor can guarantee a profit or prevent a loss.

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