Phillips 66 Savings Plan



The Phillips 66 Savings Plan is an easy way to save for your future. Generally, you are eligible to participate in the plan on the first day you are employed with the Company.

You are automatically enrolled in the Phillips 66 Savings Plan at a default contribution rate of 6% of your eligible pay on a before-tax basis. Your contributions will be invested in the Vanguard® Target Retirement Trust Plus with the target date closest to the year in which you will reach age 65. You can change your election percentage or where your contributions are invested at any time by logging on to your account at or by calling Vanguard.

You are also enrolled in the automatic annual increase feature at Vanguard. This feature automatically increases your before-tax contribution rate by one percentage point each March until you reach 10% of your eligible pay. You can opt out of this annual increase feature at any time by logging on to your account at or by calling Vanguard.

Benefits of E-delivery
To ensure your information is safe, Vanguard will automatically enroll you in the e-delivery option. This means you'll get your 401(k) statements and confirmations delivered online. To view your statements or confirmations online, you must be a registered user at

You'll get an email whenever your document is ready to view. Just log on to your account and click the envelope icon at the top of the page.

Still want paper statements? No problem. You can modify your preferences to receive your statement and other materials by mail. Simply log on to your account at

You can also change your mailing preferences through a Vanguard Participant Services associate at 800-523-1188 weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Central time.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Investments in Target Retirement Trusts are subject to the risks of their underlying funds. The year in the trust name refers to the approximate year (the target date) when an investor in the trust would retire and leave the workforce. The trust will gradually shift its emphasis from more aggressive investments to more conservative ones based on its target date. An investment in a Target Retirement Trust is not guaranteed at any time, including on or after the target date.

Vanguard Target Retirement Trusts Plus are not mutual funds. They are collective trusts available only to tax-qualified plans and their eligible participants. Investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information should be considered carefully before investing. The collective trust mandates are managed by Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Vanguard Group, Inc.