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The privacy and security of your account information are very important to Vanguard. To protect your information, our website uses the following security features:

  • When you registered for our website, you provided personal information—including your taxpayer identification number and a Vanguard® account number—to authenticate your identity. The information you provide is based on the types of accounts you have at Vanguard. Once you log on to see your account information, everything you see is secure.
  • You choose your own user name and password during the registration process. You are the only person who knows your password, and you can change it at any time.
  • When you register, you are asked to answer three security questions and select and name a security image. We use the answer to verify your identity if you forget your user name and need to ask us what it is. We only show you your security image if you log on from your own computer, or after you answer a security question. If you forget your password, you must reregister.
  • Our website uses one of the most secure forms of communication available. To access secure areas, your browser must allow 128-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version 3.0 protocol. These technologies provide a high level of security and privacy when you access your account information, initiate online account transactions, or send secure messages.
  • If you have a browser with 40-bit or 56-bit encryption, you can download a free upgrade to 128-bit encryption from most browser manufacturers.
  • Secure areas of our website have built-in timers that terminate your access after extended periods of inactivity.

You share responsibility for maintaining the security of your personal account information on Vanguard's website. When you finish viewing your account information, you should log off from the site.

In addition, you should never reveal your user name or password to anyone. Because it is linked to a password, a user name alone cannot be used to log on to our website. Your user name will be disabled after three unsuccessful password attempts, and you will then need to reregister for access to the secure areas of our website.

If you suspect that someone knows your password, you should change it online. Log on using your user name and password, and  then from the Security preferences tab on the My Profile page, click Update security information. Follow the steps to change your password.


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