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Retirement planning Article

Social Security: How to decide when it's time

March 13, 2015
When should you start collecting Social Security benefits? Although it's tempting to get an early start, waiting just a few years can have major benefits. Here's how to decide when the time is right.
Investing Article

Avoiding "investment catnip"

March 12, 2015
Learn how to distinguish fads from enduring investment concepts with this road map that identifies and selects enduring investment ideas.
Retirement income Audio

A dynamic approach to spending in retirement

March 16, 2015
The "4 percent spending rule" has long been a guideline for retirement spending. Maria Bruno of Vanguard's Investment Strategy Group discusses the rule along with a dynamic approach to retirement spending, and how the current market economy and interest rates affect retirement spending strategies.
Retirement planning Article

Common, but dubious, excuses for not saving

March 27, 2015
A Motley Fool writer says you cannot afford not to save for retirement.
Debt and spending Article

How to drop the impulse to shop

March 13, 2015
A marketing professor offers some suggestions for quelling the urge to shop impulsively.
Investing Article

Don't lend money to Uncle Sam

March 6, 2015
A tax refund isn't a windfall—it's an interest-free loan to Uncle Sam.
Investing Article

Our experts host a "taxing" question and answer session

March 18, 2015
Tax time can be stressful for many. Our experts, John Kilroy and Stephen Weber, came to the rescue in a recent question and answer session on our Facebook page.
Retirement income Article

The secrets of happy retirees revealed

March 6, 2015
An active lifestyle, not money, determines a happy retirement, says a financial advisor.
Retirement planning Tool

Retirement nest egg calculator

See a long-term projection of how big your retirement nest egg will be with this calculator.
Retirement income Audio

Retirement Prep™: Tax strategies in retirement

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to avoid taxes on retirement plan withdrawals? (3:13)
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