Investor Questionnaire—Terms and conditions of use

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How you allocate your money among stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves may be the most important factor in determining the long-term return and volatility of your portfolio. Select funds only after you've determined the right asset allocation for you.

The Investor Questionnaire makes asset allocation suggestions based on information you enter about your investment objectives and experience, time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial situation. As your financial circumstances or goals change, it may be helpful to complete the questionnaire again and to reallocate the investments in your portfolio.

To use Vanguard's Investor Questionnaire, you should read the assumptions and limitations and accept our terms and conditions of use.

Consent to electronic delivery and terms and conditions of use

The Investor Questionnaire is designed to help you decide how to allocate your assets among different asset classes (stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves). You are under no obligation to accept the suggested allocations provided by this questionnaire.

If you are receiving this guidance for an account in a retirement plan, you understand that other investments having similar risk and return characteristics may be available under the plan. Please review your plan's investment options by logging in to your account at In applying a particular asset allocation to your situation, you should consider your other assets and sources of income (e.g., equity in a home, IRA investments, savings accounts, and interest in other qualified and non-qualified plans) in addition to your interests in this account.

The allocations provided are based on generally accepted investment principles. There is no guarantee, however, that any particular asset allocation or mix of funds will meet your investment objectives. All investments involve risks, and fluctuations in the financial markets and other factors may cause declines in the value of your account. You should carefully consider all of your options before investing.

The Investor Questionnaire is provided to you free of charge. It does not provide comprehensive investment or financial advice. Vanguard is not responsible for reviewing your financial situation or updating the suggestions contained herein.

By clicking I Accept, you agree to the terms outlined on this page.

Duration of election and consent

Your consent applies only to this particular request. If you request additional information, you may be required to consent to electronic delivery again.

Costs and risks

Vanguard does not charge you a fee to use our website, but you could incur expenses from an internet service provider when you access information online. Also, be aware that your internet service provider may occasionally experience system failure and hyperlinks to documents may not function properly.

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