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Retirement planning Article

Social Security: How to decide when it's time

March 13, 2015
When should you start collecting Social Security benefits? Although it's tempting to get an early start, waiting just a few years can have major benefits. Here's how to decide when the time is right.
Retirement planning Article

Common, but dubious, excuses for not saving

March 27, 2015
A Motley Fool writer says you cannot afford not to save for retirement.
Debt and spending Article

How to drop the impulse to shop

March 13, 2015
A marketing professor offers some suggestions for quelling the urge to shop impulsively.
Investing Article

Don't lend money to Uncle Sam

March 6, 2015
A tax refund isn't a windfall—it's an interest-free loan to Uncle Sam.
Retirement income Article

The secrets of happy retirees revealed

March 6, 2015
An active lifestyle, not money, determines a happy retirement, says a financial advisor.
Retirement planning Tool

Retirement nest egg calculator

See a long-term projection of how big your retirement nest egg will be with this calculator.
Retirement income Audio

Retirement Prep™: Tax strategies in retirement

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to avoid taxes on retirement plan withdrawals? (3:13)
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