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Changes to Vanguard's all-in-one funds

February 26, 2015
Several Vanguard funds are increasing their international investments.
Investing Article

Delaying IRA contributions until April can cost you

February 19, 2015
Putting off making your IRA contribution until the last minute can impact your retirement savings more than you may realize.
Retirement planning Article

Not sure how to invest? Target-date funds can help

February 19, 2015
Investing can be daunting, but a target-date fund could help make the process easier.
Retirement planning Article

What most of us need to learn about retirement

February 20, 2015
To ensure a successful retirement, get up to speed on the basics of financial planning.
Investing Article

A veteran's guide to personal finance

February 13, 2015
What soldiers learn in basic training and in battle can help you manage your finances.
Retirement planning Article

Looking back on retirement finances at age 100

February 6, 2015
How will you look back on your financial decisions when you're 100 years old?
Investing Audio

Chasing fund performance may be hazardous to your wealth

February 17, 2015
This month's edition reviews Vanguard research on the potentially high cost of adopting a performance-chasing strategy when investing in equity mutual funds. Listen for details on how a buy-and-hold investing approach outperformed a strategy of pursuing recently well-performing funds over one ten-year period.
Investing Article

What the Medicare surtax means for you

February 13, 2015
The Medicare surtax is still fairly new. Here are some answers about how it works and what information you might need to include on your tax return.
Retirement income Audio

Retirement Prep™: Tax strategies in retirement

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to avoid taxes on retirement plan withdrawals? (3:13)
Debt and spending Video

People like me: Borrows and sorrows: What a loan really costs

Watch this video and learn what taking a loan from your retirement plan really costs you. (3:46)
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