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College Article

How 529 college savers invest

May 20, 2015
Recently, Vanguard researchers dissected the investing choices of nearly 1.3 million investors across five 529 plans. Here's what they found.
Debt and spending Video

One minute video: For the young investor

Find out how to approach saving and investing when you've still got lingering student debt
Retirement income Article

You're retired! (Now what?)

May 20, 2015
Your financial priorities may change after retirement, but not everything changes. Read on for tips about getting your retirement off to a smart start.
Debt and spending Article

How to reach a state of financial contentment

May 22, 2015
Five steps you can take toward attaining a feeling of financial well-being.
Retirement planning Article

How you save and invest may be in your genes

April 24, 2015
How you manage your finances is partly determined by your genes, says an economics professor.
Retirement planning Article

The important decisions women face before retirement

April 17, 2015
A risk management expert discusses retirement decisions women should make.
Markets and economy Article

Recap of Vanguard advisors answering your questions

May 18, 2015
Our financial advisors spent an hour answering personal finance questions posed by our Facebook fans. This is an edited recap of their conversation.
Retirement planning Article

Preventive care for your medical costs in retirement

May 15, 2015
You may think you're financially prepared for retirement, but health care is an important cost you may not have considered. According to Mary Ryan, a senior financial advisor with Vanguard Personal Advisor Services 0xAE , the answer is to budget for these costs as part of your retirement savings plan.
Investing Article

Investors today have more options, and more responsibility

May 8, 2015
Christine Benz, director of personal finance at Morningstar, Inc., a leading investment research firm, discusses some investing trends and how investors have more choices than ever before.
Debt and spending Video

People like me: How do you manage your credit cards?

Watch this video for tips on cutting back your debt. (3:01)
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