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Markets and economy Article

How to cope with a market correction

August 24, 2015
During market corrections, doing nothing may be your best strategy.
College Article

To-do list before sending your child off to college

August 18, 2015
What's left to do before sending your child off to college?
Investing Video

People like me: Stock market ups and downs

Watch this video and learn a few simple steps to guide you through market fluctuations. (3:25)
Debt and spending Article

Credit cards and students: Friends or foes?

August 25, 2015
To build good a good credit profile, college students need to treat credit cards responsibly.
Debt and spending Article

A budget can help you achieve your goals

August 21, 2015
Budgeting is not about self-denial, but about achieving your goals, a financial consultant says.
Retirement planning Article

Prioritizing the many demands on your money

August 14, 2015
Life makes a lot of demands on your money, but saving for retirement should be your first priority.
Retirement planning Article

Your Investing Life: Gaining financial independence

August 13, 2015
Your trek toward financial independence can start today with the help of the tips included here.
Other Article

What to do during market volatility? Perhaps nothing.

August 24, 2015
If you're watching the recent market correction and wondering what to do, consider learning how to cope with volatility instead of changing your financial plan.
College Article

How covering college costs with retirement savings can hurt

August 14, 2015
Does redirecting some of your retirement nest egg to pay for your child's college education make sense? For a number of reasons, it may be wise to say no.
Investing Article

The language of saving

August 17, 2015
Are you taking action to save or agreeing to save in the future? A recent study suggests there's a connection between the structure of the language we speak and our willingness to save. Here are some tips that might help you overcome the language barrier and save more.
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